•  Swag
    – New hats and jerseys are starting to come in
    – JV jerseys are in – baseballs are in too

    League meeting updates
    – Catchers – visors can only be applied by manufacturer – no third party (after market)
    – Jewelry – no more jewelry (will be stingy)
     Will ask to take it off
     We will not wear earrings
    – Hybrid pitching stance:

    – Eye black – will be policed more – only a strip, not face paint
    – Sub varsity levels
     No new inning after 2 hours
     Lots of new umps – double edged sword
     Just learning the rules at sub-varsity games (should be good) – keep it on us and
    umps will be what they will be
     If a parent gets out of hand – ump comes to coach and asks to handle the
    scenario (be aware)
     Give them a little more lee-way – need more umps

    – Banners – new ones (2) have come in – emails sent to those who need to renew (1
    renewed, 1 cannot)
    – Super Bowl Squares winners
     Quarter 1: Score Eagles 7 Chiefs 7 – Winner: Torrey Scott
     Quarter 2: Score Eagles 24 Chiefs 14 – Winner: Benjamin Broccoli
     Quarter 3: Score Eagles 27 Chiefs 21 – Winner: Jeffery McGill
     Quarter 4/Final: Score Eagles 35 Chiefs 38 – Winner: Brian Toomey
    – Megan – Car Wash opportunity – Meadows Express – Every $25 premier wash – $10 goes
    back to CV Baseball if mentioned CV Baseball (Through the month of March
    – Power Hour Fundraiser – March 2nd from 6-730 in the Gym (with Pizza) – same site as
    last year. Can be targeted to individuals for those going to FL, all others go to general
    fund – big time fundraiser for the program.

    Fees Due
    – Spring Baseball- Links will be posted ASAP after try outs- all players will pay $500 –
    outside of mySchoolBucks (due by 3/15)
    – MySchoolBucks needs to be completed prior to try outs
     All forms, money and physical needs to be completed
     See athletic secretary Cari with any questions ASAP

    Varsity Updates
    – ($1700 per player due by 3/8) includes:
    Tournament Entry

    2 meals / day
    – Varsity schedules are out
    – Monday travel in morning
    – About an hour from airport – grab lunch – team meeting and get ready to play ball
    – Come home Friday night – 10AM game
    – Southwest did not have a more direct flight so went with United into Orlando (MCL)
    – Staying at Vero Beach Inn and Suites –
    – Varsity meeting coming ASAP – all has been prepaid already, players will reimburse the school

    – Metzler is reserved
    – Monday 2/27 – 3PM-5PM (Offense and Defense)
    – Tuesday 2/28 – 3PM-5PM CVHS – Pitchers and Catchers
    – Teams Posted Wednesday morning
    – There will be cuts – sucks for coach – need to be competitive
    – May have carried guys previously but this year we will need to make cuts – some guys
    will not be happy
    – Will have some POs this year (most guys already know)
    – 15-17 per team (Frosh could be a bit more for development)
    – Guys who will not make a team will have a conversation day of try outs

    Summer Baseball
    – LIVE on website – schedule and cost are out
    – Tournaments
    – 2 weekday practices at CVHS
    – 2x / week strength and conditioning at CVHS
    – 15U/ 16U / maybe 17U (depending on numbers and ages)
    – Colorado Classic tourneys will be at CV to offset cost
    – Tourney in Wichita – PG Shocker Classic
    – Tournament in Sandusky Ohio – 17 Baseball World Series
     Cedar Point is the best amusement park in the world – games are on site
     Includes 5 day pass to water park and amusement park
    – 12-15 players per team (all within CV family)
    – $750 due 4/15 – remainder ($750) due later – $1,500 total
    Other Notes
    – JV Schedule switch 4/1 was double scheduled – Lutheran moved
    – Frosh – Highlands Ranch does not have a team so we added another game
    – Trying to find solution to game against DC – currently scheduled on Prom date
    – All players need to purchase for the season:
    Pants (no piping) – white and grey
    Socks – red and black
    Belt – red and black

    – Volunteers needed for scoreboard, music, GC … for all levels
     Rob will put together a SignUp Genuis for all games – sent after teams are made
    – TeamSnap will be used again and sent out after teams are formed
    – TeamSnap Tech Support is not through coach – take care of your own family
    – After teams are made players are asked to provide refreshments for stand:
    Freshmen – case of 24 oz. Gatorade.
    Sophs – case of 12 oz cans of Dr. Pepper, mountain dew or root beer
    Jv case of 12 oz. Cans of coke, diet coke or sprite
    Varsity – case of 20 oz. Bottles of water
    – Varsity will use in-game solution called Trace – will be sent after teams are formed
    – Revamping recruiting portion of site soon with help of Coach Scott
    – Looking for volunteers to help with EOY banquet (building the family and culture)
     Contact Coach if you can help.
    – Tomorrow new turtle gets delivered
    – FCA was canceled for Thursday – will be rescheduled
    – Yard Signs – 18X24 sign – link to be coming out soon – the more we buy the less they are – some
    $$ goes back to the program – will have player name and number similar to football.