 Welcome and Introduction
 Congratulations to players who have committed to college programs
o TJ Newman – Garden City CC
o Caleb Cancino – Mesa CC
o Adrian Janke – College of Marin
o Carter Swan – Mesa CC
 Schedules
o Varsity complete – (Tucson 5 games for Spring Break)
 What are the dates? (Still TBD) – Whole week of 3/14/2022 – 3/18/2022
 Season starts 5th of March w / Round Robin
o JV – Schedule complete (10 league, 9 non-league – starts same as Varsity, March 5th w/
Round Robin)
o 10 and 9th grade will be posted ASAP – still being worked on
 New board
 Rob Harris – President
 Nick Rego – VP
 Mindy Scott – At Large Member
 Joe Hogan – Treasurer
 Matt Randgaard – Secretary
o Here to support anything Keith gives us
 Fundraising
 Group travel (airline discounts)
 Completed Projects
 Field Aerated
 Tilled the entire track – ready for next Spring
 Mound purchased
 Upcoming
 Batters Eye and other things to be purchased

 New hats and Jerseys
o Derek is the rep – giving him a go: kids are sick so he didn’t want to come
o Hat designed is finalized (passed around – CV font is wrong on Red hat)
o Jerseys will be finalized soon
o Mock ups are in revisions
 Apparel is available for ordering on the website (castleviewbaseball.com/shop)
o 15% of everything purchased goes back to program
o 6-8 weeks for delivery – order now for Spring
 Fundraising

o Lifeline to self-funded program
o School is not involved – falls on us to do everything and it’s what enables us to grow
o Have and will provide hats / shirts
o If you host tournaments you don’t have to pay as much – we want to host more
o Have raised money for
 Fertilizer
 Batting cages
 Nets
o Kept margins low due to fundraising – keeps it affordable all year round
o Super Bowl squares coming up
o Switching up from SnapRaise since they are a higher fee
 May try FlipGive – nobody has to pay, capitolize on what people already spend
o Need higher participation rate
o Power Hour – helps keep down some costs (focused hour)
o King Soopers is set up if someone wants to step up
 Team bonding
o First event on Tuesday 12/21 at Top Golf
o Please sign up and Venmo $5 to Jen Cancino (@Jennifer-Cancino-1)
 Sign up ASAP so we know how many will be in attendance


o Top Golf Membership card is $5 and is required for play
o MLK Day will be team bonding working at Health and Hope center in CR
 Counts for community service hours (may work for NHS)
o February and March are TBD base on what Keith and Jen can work out
 Payments should be low to be help keep economical for all levels of
 San Francisco Giants Kai Correa – trying to get him scheduled to come meet with
the players

 Coach Larry celebrating 52nd wedding anniversary – needs to leave for reservations
 Mental Game of Baseball
o have full PDF of all notes from last year
 Can download it and go through it before Winter training
 Talks about a lot of mental things to go through to help players out


 Winter Training
o Starts January 3rd (3:30 – 5:30 M,W,F) at Sandlot
 Fundraising – Sandlot memberships throughout the year – 20% goes back to the
 During training season – kids can come in and work out in dedicated times
 Sundays and Saturdays will have dedicated blocks of time

 Digital pitching and baseball machine will be available – data lets coaches make
the decisions throughout the decision

o Other off season opportunities
 Winreality still available to check out
 Diamond Kinetics still going on
o NCSA – want to see higher participation (75%-80% team edition purchased)
 Set up profile and have access to everything

 Cuts
o Reminder that there will be cuts this Spring – work hard in the classroom
 Be accountable and be on time
 Control what you can control

 Winter Registration
o Link was broken but has been fixed – should be available now
o https://castleviewbaseball.com/january-february/
 Chik-Fi-A gift card giveaway winning ticket number 454284
 Open Questions
o What email list are we using?
 On the website there is an Incoming Registration form – emails from that list is
what is used (Incoming registration)
 https://castleviewbaseball.com/register/
o Everyone should register each year – this is the list that is used
o Minutes are available on the bottom of the website (CastleViewBaseball.com)
o Can we wear metal cleats?
 Metal cleats – Yes
 If pitching on artificial mound – No
o Would it be the parents responsibility to do the hotel for the Spring Break Trip? – Still
working out logistics of flights, etc but players will all have the same hotel (Team trip).
Parents and families will need to make their own accommodations
o Will it be similar to previous years with Varsity fees higher for the season to help with
costs? – Yes
o Incoming Freshman with no knowledge of tryouts, etc, anything
 Everything should be sent out via the email list from the “Incoming Registration
Link” on the website
 https://castleviewbaseball.com/register/
 Follow Facebook, Twitter, etc and on the website