November 8th Meeting

  • Apology for lack of meetings
  • Introduce Coaches in attendance for new players

2021 Recap: 

  • 6-11 Varsity record…5 games (losses) of 2 runs or less
  • Summer/Fall teams and developmental group (fall)
  • Clearly defining roles for the boys, and buying-in

Fundraising Success: 

  • New Dirt
  • New Cages
  • New turf mound
  • New PA setup and speaker
  • new training bats
  • new pitching machine (atec M3)
  • new mule (thanks to Coach Jacob and his Shanahan’s connections)
  • new baseballs (both for the machine and regular)
  • Nespresso Machine
  • money for team bonding events.


  • LONG term” Full infield turfed
  • Short Term (possibly by spring ball) home plate area turfed
  • Batters eye
  • More square screens
  • Updated padding for behind home plate
  • Tow-behind watering/leveling/drag system for the infield
  • Windscreen for OF fence
  • Warning track re-do

Words from treasurer: (no-go -last minute meeting)

Words from Joe Hogan:

King Soopers


Individual donations

Off-season agenda:

  • Team bonding events (Jen Cancino and Nicole Jones)
  • January and Feb at Sandlot (working out details for how we’ll structure it)
  • Structure of Sandlot
    • 6 cages made available to Castle View Baseball (cages 1 through 6)
    • Cages are 70 feet in length
    • iHack digital pitching machine
    • HitTrax training system
    • L-screens and other facility equipment
  • Program duration:
    • January 3, 2022 – March 4, 2022
    • 9 total weeks
    • Additional sessions to accommodate weather or changes to the CHSSA schedule will be reserved for Castle View first right of refusal
  • Training session days and times:

M/w/f/ 3:30-5:30

  • Additional program offering
    • Membership to Sandlot for players to train on their own during the duration of the team program.  Blocks of time will be allocated on Saturday and Sunday
  • Pricing
    • $425 per player
    • Free membership to facility during team program timeframe.  They will make blocks of time available for players.
  • Monthly meetings
  • WIN Reality available to check out from Athletic Office during school hours
  • Hitting chest/lockbox up near cages (0296)

Goal for 2022 spring:

  • cuts
  • 15 players per roster
  • Increase level of competition
  • Spring break Travel! (Varsity)
  • Schedule update for all levels

Summer/Fall 2022 Plans:

  • 2 teams (tryout/invite only) 
  • Highly competitive
  • Tournament only
  • Travel (3 or 4 out-of state)
  • Weekly practices 
  • Strength & Conditioning

Personnel Needs for the program (Jenson)


  • Need a committee for the Spring Break Trip
  • Always looking for qualified coaches. (Esp for Fresh & Soph)


Thanks and closing statement.

Draw for gift card