I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer Ball up to this point, and getting the reps needed with your respective programs out there!

We are fortunate to have had the Gameday Baseball affiliation this summer, especially with all the uncertainties still out there.

The Gameday Sabercat teams are working hard, and growing every day. We’re playing some tough competition, and grinding to get at the level necessary for spring ball!

That being said, we have decided to continue our relationship with Gameday into the fall, and run as many teams as we can out of our program…(Take a look at their offering here: ) This way, if anything does happen again, we will be protected under their facilities and contingency plans, as well as capitalize on reps and continue to gel as a program.

I have asked Gameday to send out fall invites to all athletes in our program, for either 17U (2021/2022 Grads) or 16U (2024/2023 Grads)…We just ask that you can make a commitment by July 15th, so we can place everyone on the appropriate squad. -All teams will be coached by CV Baseball coaches, and have a strict max of 15 per roster.

Lastly, we are hoping to be able to run a Fall Developmental Program out of our CV field. This will be for those not looking for a full season, and/or those looking to add more reps into their fall routine. -Most likely this will be an 8-week program, practicing 2x/week after school…with emphasis on fundamentals, arm strength, and speed + agility…Possibly a Tuesday & Thursday program…more details to come, including pricing & sign-up, based on regulations/group size and facilities usage rules from DCSD.

Again, a HUGE thanks to everyone this year, for your patience and ability to adapt through these crazy times! I’m glad we are able to at the very least have a great option for our teams/practices/facilities/reps for the boys as we head into 2021.

Have a great weekend,